I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

Like you, I’ve been on my own journey­­ of wanting a rich, sexy, fulfilling life in every way… and cultivating profound relationships has been an enormous part of that path.

Garrison-at-WeddingHaving the kind of relationships with women that allow our bodies, hearts and minds to relax open is one of the greatest joys of being alive. Yet most men feel painfully disconnected from that path.

If you’re searching for an answer, if you’re searching for the difference that makes the difference then you’re in the right place.

I was a child growing up in the Boston suburbs when I started realizing that relationships were everything. It was a very harsh social environment and I always knew that things had to get better. It just made sense to me that everything was either a relationship with ourselves or a relationship with the world around us.

As I got older I could see that some men would naturally attract exciting, joyous, sexy, fulfilling relationships with women but… most would not. I wanted to be one of those men who did. I knew that if I could understand how relationships worked then I could create the kind of life I wanted.

So, if you want to have an amazing life and amazing experiences with women then it all starts from having an amazing relationship with yourself. Period.

I want to share with you a concept that could be a game changer for you and your relationships with women.

Most men don’t realize that we live in a world that is in an adolescent phase of maturity.

It’s hard to see from being submerged inside of it. When you were fully immersed in your preschool experience, your peers probably didn’t seem particularly immature to you. However, from your vantage point now they do seem pretty damn immature, right?

And it’s not their fault. They don’t know any better. But like you, at some point… they inevitably will.

Well, even though most of us think we’re pretty mature, the majority of all the people you will interact with, date or create romances with are like adolescents (or even children) on an emotional level.

With adolescence comes a world of emotional games, drama, breakdowns, acting-out, reactions, misunderstandings, insecurity and a sense of separation. And just like preschoolers, it’s not our fault. We just haven’t known any better.

But at some point… we inevitably will.

This is what makes relationships hard, confusing and challenging.

You can start to see it when you look at the mainstream TV shows the country watches, the gossip magazines that people devour, the advertising and the news media we subscribe to and the politics of countries at conflict with each other. There are far more examples but the point is that when it all starts coming into focus what you’ll see is that we live in a world that caters to adolescent relationships between men and women.

couple at sunsetHowever, I believe that the relationships YOU really desire are the ones that are modeled in human adulthood. That’s where a whole new world of relationships become possible because the drama and conflict that the adolescent (and child) needed to feel emotionally stimulated by is no longer necessary.

In fact, the more you come into your masculine human adulthood the more you can see through the games of others and quickly bypass them to create true, authentic connection. The more you can use clarity to dissipate the dark clouds of drama. The more breakdowns you can turn around into breakthroughs and the more confidence and connection you experience where there was only insecurity and disconnection before.

The more you come into masculine human adulthood, the more beautiful, embodied, high self-esteem women feel an authentic attraction for you and see you as their partner.

And that’s what this work is all about. Are you ready to step onto the path of becoming the masculine adult who is solid, clear and embodied? There are extraordinary women in the world who are unwilling to settle for anything less than that. Those are the women you want and they’re waiting for you.

The even better news is that regardless of your looks, age or experience, the more you step into your adult masculine the more attractive you are. From there, the kind of life you can create with a woman who is also ready to come into her adult feminine is beyond the dreams of most men.

If you want a major download on all of this check out my free audio program on the main page.

Listen, it’s a journey and I don’t claim to have ALL the answers. I simply claim that this is my path and my life is devoted to following it. If this sounds like where you want to be going as well then hop on in and grab a seat.

This bus is leaving the station.

All aboard,


Garrison and the ladies